LDS Soft Close Toilet Seat

RRP £39.99

Deal Price: £25.74


Tensile Strength & Durability

As strong as Bakelite: This toilet seat made out of Duroplast and is durable and a more prolonged. Furthermore, it is highly resistant to stains and scratching.


Installation Issues Fixed

Fixing Kit Available: The exclusive toilet seat fixing kit, included in the package, is especially useful when a pan is not designed to fit a standard seat.


Get Rid of Slamming

Get Rid of Slamming: Soft closing feature provides a soothing sound while closing so no slamming, just shut the lid and it will close gently without making any noise.


Easy Release, Keep It Clean

Cleanliness and Easy Lift: It is secured by an antibacterial finish and adds extra hygiene to it as lifting off the seat is just a button away.

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LDS Soft Close Toilet Seat

SOFT CLOSE SYSTEM: Avoid slamming and ensure gentle and slow closing action with our soft close toilet seat. It has built-in seals and strong hinges which keep it stable and prevent sliding.

ONE BUTTON RELEASE: Clean your toilet seat with the unique One-Button Quick Release function. This makes it easy to detach the cover from the seat, clean it and reattach it effortlessly.

STRONG MATERIAL: It is made of Heavy-Duty Duroplast material which undergoes Anti Bacterial treatment that prevents the spreading of germs. Strong White Plastic allows a longer life span, and no fading over time.


PORTABLE MINI DEHUMIDIFIER – Multipurpose, for removing damp, avoid the creation of mold and moisture; ideal for bedroom, kid’s room, kitchen, living room, wardrobe ect. Compact and lightweight, easy to move from room to room or maybe take with you on holiday.

COMPACT ANTI-MOULD AIR CLEANER – Assists in the relief of allergies, breathing difficulties, congestion, and itchy watery eyes by reducing mould spores and dust mites from living, work, or play areas. Air Cleaner ideal for your babies and your famliy.

500ML DEHUMIDIFIER AUTO SHUTOFF – Automated electronic shut off allows you to run the mini dehumidifier continuously without leaks or overflow. The easy to remove 500ml tank empties quickly without spilling.

Time Lag Switch

HIGH QUALITY : Electronic Weatherproof Time Lag Switch By Landlord Direct Supplies Are Made Out Of A High Quality Grey ABS Material In Order To Ensure It Can Withstand Regular Use. LIFETIME GUARANTEE OFFERED

EASY TO USE : Once Installed, Set The Time Lag Switch To A Desired Time Interval Anywhere Between 2 Seconds And 70 Minutes.

ADAPTABLE : Incandescent – 16A max, Fluorescent 6A max, Compact Fluorescent/Low Energy 3A max, Low Voltage 3 A max

SAFE : IP Rating: IP66 , Weatherproof Switch, Ideal for Outdoor Use

ENERGY SAVING : Our Time Lag Switch Is The Best Tool To Conserve Energy Around The Home, Office, HMO, B&B, Hotel, School.